About the Artist Fine Art & Portrait Photographer

Devona Jefferson is a Maryland/Washington, DC based Fine Art & Portrait Photographer. She joins the few professional Portrait Photographers who specialize in Fashion Photography, Beauty Portraits Photography and Fine Art Portraits Photography, who provide that unique experience that the client will cherish & never forget. Her photographs run the gamut, from taking artistic photographs from the runways of New York City during Fashion Week to capturing the random beauty in everything from the vibrant colors surrounding a single fire hydrant to the  simple silhouette of the male nude human form. 

In addition, she incorporates her love of fashion and beauty into her portraiture.  Just as she photographs Fashion Editorials, her portrait style mimics her work in that she shoots fashion/beauty editorial style portraiture.  

Devona picked up a camera for the first time at the age of 12. She discovered that this passion chose her rather than her choosing it. Through the years her passion grew until she could no longer ignore the calling. A co-worker encouraged her to enter her first photography competition. And to her surprise, she won the competition and 13 of her photographs were put on exhibit.  Since then, Devona has sold her art to many private collectors and continues to exhibit her work in art galleries.    

Devona believes her photography is an art form to be cherished as much as any painting.  She believes that her photographs create a legacy for the present and future. Devona’s goal is to create emotion allowing the viewer to discover inner feelings evoked by her work. In essence, her amazing talent captures the very soul of our lives.  

"I opened the package today & just was in awe of the beauty of it. I showed my dad & we both said you have a great eye and a gift."