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Your headshot, whether corporate, personal branding or entertainment, is your first impression on social media, to the media, to the public, to employers and to casting agents. Your headshots appear on social media pages, your website, articles written about you, and physical photographs you give to others for various reasons. A headshot is often a person’s first introduction to you. This is why your headshot is so valuable and should be taken by a professional who cares about what they do, cares about making you look your best, and cares about customer service.

Your headshots need to be fresh and up to date. They should not look dated and boring. Devona Jefferson Photography professional, personal branding and entertainment headshots and portraits are never old fashioned. They are modern, fresh, clean and personalized to the client. They are eye catching; and they get you and your business noticed by your audience. 


Photographer, Devona Jefferson, meets with each client, either over the telephone or in person, for a 45 minute to 1 hour no fee pre-consultation, prior to the photo shoot. During this meeting, Devona and the client will discuss the purpose for the headshot session, how the client will use the images, what the client wants to convey to the audience, the additional services and services  the client wants as a part of the headshot photo shoot, appropriate clothing, styling, date, time & location of the photo shoot, and whether the session is a corporate, entertainment or personal branding photo shoot. 

Additional information and questions will be gathered, asked, and answered during the pre-consultation.

Clients have the choice of having their headshots taken in studio or on location (including in their office). Professional photography lighting setups are always used. Clients may choose from a traditional lighting setup or a more non-traditional lighting design.


Having your hair and makeup done professionally done for your photo shoot is the difference between a goodlooking headshot and an AMAZING looking headshot. You want an AMAZING looking headshot, and I want nothing less for my clients. I recommend having your hair and makeup done professionally done the day of your photo shoot by a salon or barber you trust. I do not recommend clients have a facial or any type of cosmetic skin treatment before your photo shoot in the event your skin reacts negatively. 

Regarding Male clients, you usually do not need makeup; however, wearing makeup on the day of your photo shoot is your decision. If you decide to wear makeup, please have it professionally applied by someone experienced with applying makeup on men. Keep your makeup application light and minimal. 

The clothing you wear in your photographs should consist of solid colors. Avoid loud patterns or stripes. Men’s neckties are the exception. If wearing a suit, men should bring an array of neckties and pocket squares to the photo shoot. 

Male and Female clients should choose colors that accentuate the skin tone and bring attention to the face. Jackets, sport coats, suit jackets and long sleeves look much better in corporate headshot/corporate photo shoots; however, depending on your business and the type of photo shoot (Personal Branding), you may have more leniency in what you wear. This can be discussed during the pre-consultation. 

Devona Jefferson Photography provides a styling service to its clients, depending on the number of clothing looks you are being photographed in, I will request that clients bring a certain number of garments to the photo shoot. Prior to the photo shoot, I will ask the client to send a full body shot and a headshot of themselves via text or email. This will allow me to help you select colors and garments to bring to the photo shoot. 

Another option, prior to the client’s photo shoot, clients may email/text photographs of outfits they are considering wearing during the photo shoot, to Devona. 

Please bring an assortment of accessories with you to the photo shoot. This includes neckties, earrings, scarves, pocket squares, belts, necklaces, other assorted jewelry, etc.


- Please arrive 10 minutes before your

   photo shoot is to begin.

- When you arrive, I will present you

   with a Pinterest board of poses and 

   looks made for you based on the

   pre-consultation prior to the photo 


- A photo of you with your name, will

   be taken.

- Test shots of you will be taken of you

   to get you comfortable in front of the

   camera doing different poses and 

   expressions; and to get a sense of

   how we work best together and how

   you work in front of the camera.

- We begin the photo shoot.  

- During the photo shoot, you will see

   the shots digital images after they are

   taken. You will have the opportunity

   to choose your images at the photo



- The images will be processed and

   High-End retouched (if client selects

   the retouching service).

- Please let Devona know if there is

   something you specifically want to

   remain in the image or something you  

   specifically want removed.

- Retouching includes teeth whitening,

   stray hair removal, blemish removal,

   prominent mole/skin tag removal, 

   wrinkle lightening, smoothing blotchy

   skin, removing/softening hard lines, 

   color temperature & balance, 

   vibrance, sharpness, and color 

   correction, etc. 

- A digital file of your images will be

   delivered within 7 business days via

   computer digital service.


To schedule an appointment for your Corporate, Personal Branding and/or Entertainment photo shoot, please call Devona Jefferson Photography, Photographer, Devona Jefferson at (301) 509-6431, today. I am happy to work with you.

Head Shot Photography, Corporate Headshot Photography, Personal Branding Photography

Head Shot Photography, Corporate Headshot Photography, Personal Branding Photography