Portrait Photography Information

Devona Jefferson - Portrait Photographer

What is one of the first things we do when we gather together when a family member or close friend can is no longer in our lives or can be by our side? We feverishly search for framed pictures and physical prints & portraits of that person. We long for the visual memories that those 

pictures and portraits hold and cause to come flooding back into our memories. We long to share those memories with each other and the stories those pictures hold. 

In a world filled with camera phones and pictures on digital files, we forget just how important and valuable physical pictures that we can hold in our hands are and always will be. They are so powerful and cannot be replaced by any electronic technology. They invaluable, they hold memories and our history and must be cherished and saved, not lost in a cloud.

Washington, DC area Photographer, Devona Jefferson, specializes in capturing those memories in portraits that are works of art. They are creative, unique, modern, and artistic. She creates portraits that are considered to be heirlooms that should be passed down from generation to generation and cherished as much as a painting. 

Her portraits are pieces of work that one hangs on their wall and permanently places in an album to view year after year, generation after generation. This cannot be done with digital files or photos that are stored on ones smartphone. It is likely those cherished photos will be seen only a few times then forgotten, never to be seen by anyone, again, and lost to history forever. 


Photographer, Devona Jefferson specializes in photographing High School Senior Portraits and High School Senior Pictures, Family Portraits / Family Pictures, Fine Art Portraits, and Glamour Portraits / Beauty Portraits.


Having your High School Senior’s photographs taken is incredibly important. These portraits and pictures will be the last professional photographs of you child you will have taken until his or her wedding. Senior year in high school is a moment in time you and your teen want to memorialize. It is a monumental time in your and your teenager's life, and memorializing such a triumphant time in both of your lives in this traditional way is a right of passage that cannot be replaced and must not be overlooked. 

These are photographs that you and your teenager will share with family and friends. They are also photographs that you will prominently hang on the walls of your home and stand framed on your tables. These are photographs that you cannot get on a smartphone, nor do you want to leave to a non-professional. 


Family portraits are gems to be treasured. We don't have them taken as often as we should, but when we do, we should have them taken by a professional photographer so that they can be museum framed and handed down through generations. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your family portrait taken when the family is all together in town for a graduation, an anniversary, a family reunion, or just because your family is important and you want to capture that moment when you are all still together? 

Families should be celebrated and memorialized, and those memories should be cherished today and passed down for generations to cherish.


Fine Art Portraits are artistic heirlooms. They make an artistic statement. The image is created through a collaboration of the Photographer as an Artist and you the client, and not just by the camera. Fine Art Portraits are intended to be wall art. They are often described as “Decor Photography” or “Photo Decor".

Fine Art Portrait Photography depicts the client's emotion in a vivid and distinctive way and style. These portraits are timeless and capture the essence of your character in a vision created by you and the Photographer. These photographs also have a specific concept involved, that can be created by the Photographer alone, or in collaboration with you, the client. 

As I mentioned before, they are heirlooms.  They are to be treasured. They are incredibly special pieces that should adored and adorn the walls of your home and/or office.


Glamour Portrait / Beauty Portrait Photography focuses on you, the client. The purpose is to reveal your inner and outer beauty. The session focuses on fashion, makeup, and hair styling. Devona’s portraits have an editorial/magazine look which focuses on taking images of you in an environment or on location rather that in a studio. Styling is important in an editorial photo shoot.

Your session is fully styled, including makeup, everything is centered around you from the moment you step on set. This is the day you are special. This is the day you are a model beauty.